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  • Sell more and increase profitability

    Competition in the retail sector is tougher than ever. The risk to be left behind your competitors due to declining sales and profitability is a big threat to everyone. TWOSELL helps to increase sales and profitability when the customer is in your store – online or physical.

    • TWOSELL analyzes how the customer searches, looks at and puts in the basket
    • TWOSELL then suggests inspirational and relevant items in real time to match the purchase
    • TWOSELL suggestions are based on what is in the basket, what past customers bought, trends, target groups and a number of other parameters
  • Who will benefit from TWOSELL?

    TWOSELL was originally developed for retailers and physical stores, but is now equally well suited for e-commerce and customer clubs. In search, loyalty clubs, in store and in your newsletters. Automatic and with the highest possible relevance for your customers.

    • TWOSELL is so flexible that it fits any type of additional sales
    • TWOSELL gives you opportunities where only your imagination sets the limit
    • TWOSELL is Clever Commerce
  • News

    Desenio: Personalization grows lifetime value

    Take Swedish wall art company Desenio. They are passionate about interior decor and design! And their business idea is simple: on-trend and attractive wall decor should be available to everyone. Since the start in 2010, they experienced steady growth and can now boast web shops available in more than 30 countries, with new markets opening continuously. At Desenio, the customer can find a wide selection of posters and mounting solutions, such as frames,…

    4th May 2017 Read more
    Have you heard of “Real Time Retail”?

    It means knowing what the customer wants – before they do. “Within five years, two of three stores going to automatically identify their clients from the moment they step into the store. This opens up opportunities to make the customer experience more relevant – in real time”. (Handelstrender.se) “We already offer Real time Retail by basing customer deals during checkout on the customer and the customer’s purchase history” says co-founder, Professor Peter Funk.…

    6th April 2016 Read more
    eTWOSELL is now launched for ecommerce

    By getting the perfect suggestions for products that fit into what you looked at or what you put in the basket we see that additional sales and customer loyalty increases. How can we know this? Well, since September we are implementing an A / B test on one of Sweden’s major sites. 5.4% more orders and higher average receipt has eTWOSELL shown how effective the service is in a test compared to an established player in…

    30th December 2015
    We are growing with confidence! Welcome to our new customer Make Up Store!

    Now we have the pleasure to welcome Make Up Store as a client. They have started TWOSELL in its Swedish stores. They choose TWOSELL initially to increase customer satisfaction. Next spring the stores outside Sweden also going to start.

    1st December 2015


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