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  • Desenio: Personalization grows lifetime value

    4th maj 2017

    Take Swedish wall art company Desenio. They are passionate about interior decor and design! And their business idea is simple: on-trend and attractive wall decor should be available to everyone. Since the start in 2010, they experienced steady growth and can now boast web shops available in more than 30 countries, with new markets opening continuously. At Desenio, the customer can find a wide selection of posters and mounting solutions, such as frames, poster hangers and clips – often inspired by Scandinavian style. They regularly update their selection to meet the latest trends in interior decor and design. You are sure to find something for every room and style!

    Desenio recently started offering personalized selections of posters via email to existing customers that didn´t buy anything the last 6 or 12 month. Within a short time of launch these personalized emails to Swedish customers tripled the conversion rate. Now the personalisation email will expand to all existing countries. Fredrik Palm CEO of Desenio says that TWOSELL proves that personalization is of importance for their customers and therefore important to Desenio.

    Personalization puts the retail customer first, putting their needs and likes center stage. Letting products and channels revolve around the customer—not the other way round. In today’s hectic retail market, where everyone is talking to shoppers, but few are really listening to them; everyone is informing customers, but few are really inspiring them; personalization reminds retailers of the deep gains to be made from offering shoppers truly inspired, personalized service—wherever they are, whatever channel they’re using.

    Link: https://desenio.se